About me (and art and things)...

I was born in Shreveport Louisiana and confess to remembering none of the event. By 2 years I moved to Dallas Texas with the help of my folks and remember only standing in front of a small b&w TV in a beige upstairs apartment watching a cowboy on horseback chase some cows off screen at a rodeo. I remember looking around the side and back of the TV trying to figure out where they went. I guess this means I had finally achieved the intellect of a cat. Memories really start to kick in with my next move. In my little room in New Orleans I was painting with my fingers between bouts of hand to hand combat with my older sister by the age of four or five and was painting oils with brushes by age 12 in Atlanta taking a course at a community center at night with a group of old ladies. In between those years I was developing my drawing skills in Memphis and Houston. John Nagy was my televised mentor and guide. I was always one of those guys in school you went to only when you needed something weird drawn and avoided the rest of the time. I did an illustrated sy-fi story in Memphis. Anyway, later I put aside the paints to avoid the draft by enlisting in the Air Force after high school in Detroit. I figured I could confuse the bastards by running toward them instead of away from them. Not much art got done then. After that adventure I was more grown up and decided to go to college. I moved to Los Angeles, established residency and took advantage of their, at the time, great educational system, paying for it with the GI bill and occasional painting sales (I started painting again soon as I got there) and freelance design work. Earned my BA degree with $0 debt. The good ol’ days.

I decided to go for a future of hot meals and a roof over my head and majored in Graphic Design instead of fine art.  I figured I could balance both at the same time.  I mentioned I had grown up, been to war, all that, but the brain is always the last to mature. After graduation I managed to keep up the painting until around 1984 when I decided to put it away, needing to devote more time to my work.  On staff and freelance.  Designer, Illustrator, Photographer, Web Designer, Digital Printer, Online retail business selling beads and digital prints to the natives, Teacher, IT tech, more Graphic Design and Illustration. Always learning and changing to keep up and stay employed.

Married in 1980, for practice I guess as it did not go well. Married again in 1996 to my lovely Linda. Turned out, if nothing else ever happened, she was enough and always will be. She was the droid I was looking for (tip of the hat to Star Wars).                   

Recession > Screw it > Retirement.

I started doing fused glass and metal jewelry but always ended up making it painterly.

Trump happened and I soon realized I needed to distance myself from torches and hammers and sharp pieces of glass.  I set up my paint studio and started painting again.  I have no need to be great or even good.  I have no need to sell.  I quickly realized I had a desperate need to paint.  It is still Trump out there and now the Corona virus on top of that, but man it feels good to paint. Some say this is a dead art form so I guess some may say I deal with the dead but:

I feel whole again.

Blah, blah, enough of all that for now.

My name is Larry Smith. I am an artist and here’s my song…….